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Automatically connect to previously used Bluetooth device where possible

Having to specifically tell GTL ( or iPad ) to connect to a bluetooth device EVERY time one launches - is a drag.

Is there any way that GTL can automatically connect to a bluetooth device if it has previously been paired with a specific BT device ? Apple Macs do this with keyboards and mouse.

Even if it required a single prompt - asking "Would you like to connect to your [IK BlueBoard... etc] ? " would be so handy.


  • Failing this - what would still be REALLY useful if you could just add an extra button - say next to the SETTINGS button - specifically to bring up the Bluetooth connections dialog. Because setting up this connection is going to be such a regular activity that to - again - minimise the number of button-clicks required to get to the feature makes things so much more workflow and live-performance-friendly

  • I'll look into bluetooth auto connecting and let you know. It's a good idea.

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