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New User, Wants to Use GTL with Chordion and other apps.

First of all, thanks for the fine app! I am starting to do most of my work in GTL instead of Loopy, and am enjoying it. (Although I miss the orange loops going round!)

My Basic question is how to coordinate and sync up GTL with other apps. If I want to play in Chordion and record in GTL I am having a lot of trouble getting the timing synced up exactly.

First of all, the metronome/clock speed. Chordion doesn't seem to have a tempo setting, except for the arpeggiator and drum. What Chordion says is 240 bpm is actually 120, so I make sure the two are set to coordinate.

Shouldn't the IAA pick up the clock speed from one app and set it to the other? I thought I saw that happen sometimes, but maybe not with Chordion?

Now Chordion offers a control strip, which is great. But I haven't figured out how to get the starting timing exactly right; I hear the count-in clicks and then it seems as if there is a gap before it actually records and the red light starts flashing. I under, this may not be GTL's problem, or maybe there is a setting I should be using. Right now I am just using IAA and setting Chordion to the app.

MusicStudio, for example, does not seem to coordinate timing, but I can play the instrument chosen in MusicStudio on my MIDI keyboard. So, once hooked up to the instrument I want, I can stay in GTL, and watch the timing there.

In Patterning, I start the Drum up and then just go to GTL. As long as the clock speeds are set the same, I just tell it to start recording and everything syncs perfectly.

I would like any tips on working with Chordion and also seeing if there are general best practices in working with other apps to come.

If folks are avid users of other apps, I would appreciate hearing which ones "play nice" with GTL.



  • Host all of these in AUM/AB3 and use link to sync them all.

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    Hi @gmpolin, thanks for your post.

    GTL does not support IAA sync but does support Ableton link. Just make sure link is turned on in all your apps.

    I'm not sure why you are experiencing delayed recording. Sometimes IAA transport panels take a little while to update. Group the Loop should start recording instantly after the 4 bar count in even if the IAA transport says differently.


  • Thanks for both of these responses...I tried AB3 but found it very finicky with Loopy.... lots of errors, problems restarts....I will try again. Also, I didn't realize that GTL does not support IAA sync. I have not been checking that Ableton link was on in other apps...The Audio Input Option for for "Inter App Audio"-- that refers to Ableton, not IAA? I clearly need to understand these better.

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    @gmpolin, so the “Inter-app Audio” option in the audio input settings view refers to the app you would like to receive an audio stream from. So GTL does support IAA audio streams but not IAA sync/timing. So basically you can record other IAA apps but not keep GTL synchronised that way.

    The Ableton Link options can be found by tapping the clock display at the top of the screen (Between the ÷ and + buttons).

    Just ask if you have any other questions :)
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