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Ableton link crashes with Soft Drummer

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I use Loopy for some time now. Loopy's Ableton link works fine with Soft Drummer (that I use a lot).
I've just bought GTL (to replace Loopy maybe) and when trying to do the same Ableton Link with Soft Drummer, I've got many issues.
It doesn't work well, GTL crashes when switching app (to Soft Drummer and back to GTL), starting the drums before the current loop etc...
Also, the link is lost all the time and I have to quit and reload each app and set links again.
Is there something I need to know ? or an update coming soon on this ?


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    Hi @vtarondeau, sorry to here this. I haven’t come across it myself. I’ll have a look and see if I can fix the issue.

    What version of GTL are you using?

    Are you using Audiobus or IAA to connect the two apps? If not then do you have background audio mode enabled in the GTL settings?


  • Hi @jack,

    Thanks for answering my post.
    I'm using last version updated from App Store yesterday night.
    I'm not using Audiobus neither than IAA and background audio mode is off.


  • Try turning on background audio. If background audio is turned off then GTL will stop running when you switch to another app or exit to the home screen.

    If this doesn’t help then let me know and I’ll see what I can do to fix it :)

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