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Aliasing on tempo change

  1. Recorded a beat in the Master Group
  2. Record another beat in Group 1
  3. Dropped the tempo to 30 bpm (from the default)
  4. Everything is fine
  5. Created a new Tutorial session
  6. Quit the app
  7. Opened Looperverse
  8. Returned to GTL and my prior session
  9. Aliasing on all tracks (or bit reduction effect - I'm not sure of the correct term but it sounds like distortion)
  10. Restart iPad
  11. Nothing's changed
  12. Raise tempo
  13. No change

iPad Air 2, ios 11.4.1


  • edited November 2018

    Hi Ash, thanks for your post. Which tempo algorithm are you using? Pitch or time stretch? Also are you using Ableton Link?

    It would be very useful if you could send over your GTL session so I can open it up and see what's going on.

    You can use iTunes file sharing to drag your session folder over to your desktop. If possible, zip it up and send it to using WeTransfer.


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