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Can GTL serve as tempo MIDI master?

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In a certain, ahem, qompetitor's app, it can auto-set the BPM after recording a loop, and then the app can serve as tempo master ("Set and Follow" mode), so you can record a loop and then start an external rhythm player (drum app, etc) that is tempo sync'd via MIDI. This means you can start a live loop performance without a metronome/click track and still get a synchronized rhythm track later in the performance.

Does GTL have this capability? Thanks


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    Hi @jesse_ohio, you can manually set the tempo by turning off the CUE button and recording your first loop. There is no midi sync but GTL does support Ableton Link. If using Link, you need to make sure no other apps are connected in order to ‘manually’ set the tempo. If other apps are connected then GTL will just follow the shared link tempo.

    Some sort of ‘set’ and ‘follow’ options would be handy in GTL so I will look into supporting this in a future release.
  • Gotcha -- thanks @Jack

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