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Monitoring effects and AU parameter midi control

edited January 2019 in Feature Wish-lists

I can’t find if Grouptheloop already offers those features:

Monitoring effects with at least 4 AU slots to record audio wet in loop slots should be super useful. This should allows to not use Audiobus/AUM but GTL without anything else, for maximum stability and reliability, lower CPU usage in live situation.

Also, AU parameters midi control should allows for very interesting stuff, with midi control on loops effects AU and internal, but also on monitoring effects. Again, Audiobus/AUM by-pass.

Sorry if it’s already impremented. Is there a manual outside the app I can download?



  • edited January 2019
    GTL has 3 effects slots on the stereo input which support AUv3 effects. There is no input mixer so these are inline. AUv3 instruments aren’t supported yet so you will have to use audiobus/AUM for that still.

    There’s no manual yet I’m afraid. One day...
  • Ok thanks @Jack . Is IAA AUM already possible as a GTL input?
  • Yep, you just select your AUM IAA port as the input source instead of the device microphone.
  • edited January 2019
    Ok thanks. I still think AU fx monitoring (and parameter midi control) is a must have for a looper app, and as you said in the other thread less apps means higher reliability in live situation ;)
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