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How to duplicate elements?


I know that I can move elements using drag and drop. The feature list in the app store also mentions duplicating them. How is this done? I’m sorry for asking this basic question, but I couldn’t find anything on Google.



  • You should hold the element and start moving it to the new destination. Then a little menu pops up on the footer with "move" "copy" at left corner from below.

    touch copy and end the movement into new destination.

  • thank you dubby. but i don’t see this menu when moving stuff around. i have v1.4.1. what could be the problem?
  • edited February 2019

    Hi @josh, I suspect you are using an older version of IOS. I added this functionality along with drag and drop for IOS 11+.

    You can still copy though. Just swipe down on the loop to bring up the options menu where you will see FX, Mix and Label icons. Then swipe right to bring up the next set of options where you will find copy.


  • yes it’s ios 9. ;)

    thank you for providing also a traditional option.
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