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Record a loop into an inactive group (for later use)?


Experimenting a lot with GTL and trying to solve some edge cases.

I love the grouping concept. And I‘d love to be able to record something into a loop of an inactive group to use it later, e.g. the bassline of a bridge, so When coming to the bridge later, it’s already there. Is this possible? Obviously, the loop would need to be silent while recording it (it shouldn’t go to the live output).

Thank you :)


  • @josh,

    There are a few options.

    1. Record to a muted group. Mute the ‘bridge’ group and record your bass line to loop 1.

    2. Use the record/mute midi binding. This will record but immediately mute the loop on the punch out.

    3. Record to the bridge group, instead of punching out that loop, switch to another group. This is particularly effective if you have CUE turned off.

  • Cool, thank you Jack! I’ll have the Zoom U-44 in a few days (I‘m traveling Newzealand and the package is waiting for me at a hostel that I‘m going to pass soon).
  • hey jack

    i tried your first suggestion. a question though:

    after recording, the muted group starts playing. this is no problem as long as only the master group is active, but when i‘m already playing a group and want to keep it playing, it’s annoying. can i change this behaviour?

    thank you :)
  • maybe the following rule would fit: if a group is muted, it doesn’t autoplay after a record is done?
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