Minimum iPadi/iOS config recommended for optimum usage of GTL?

hey guys

another a bit out of place, silly question here. ;)

although i said i wouldn’t get rid of my ipad2, the possibility of using AUv3 with GTL convinced to to at least think about getting a newer ipad.

i’m in melbourne right now, traveling on a budget, so i was looking on for 2nd hand ipads. i lost track of what version of ipads/ios are „still modern enough“ a long time ago, so maybe you can give me some advice. currently i’m looking at ipad 4 for ~100$, but would that be enough for GTL? and are there different configurations of ipads with different horse powers? wouldn’t wanna get a modern but „weak“ one for performing live audio...

thanks, guys!


  • thank you dubbylabby. i’ll post followup questions there.
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    What about a new standard iPad? It’s not the prettiest but it’s cheap and very capable. Also being a new device you will get more years out of the it before the IOS updates stop.
  • thanks jack. i’m still only experimenting with looping, and i don’t need an ipad for anything else. so i want to keep costs as low (and grey energy) as possible.

    the cheapest ipad is >400$, and i hope get find something <200$.

    should i be convinced after some time that i wanna keep doing looping for years to come, i’ll be happy to buy a better ipad. :)
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