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Adding a compressor to the main out

playing around with looping, i noticed that every added loop adds to the general volume of the main output.

playing music on the streets often means competing with all kinds of outdoor noises. so it would be useful to have the whole song in a steady and full volume from the very start to the end. this is usually when a compressor is used.

i downloaded the free rough rider 2 plugin. i can easily mount it as an AUv3 effect using audiobus. it would be much cooler though to have the possibility to add it directly from within GTL, the same way i can add a filter/effect to the input.

i‘m haven‘t yet dived deeply into audiobus, but GTL letting me use AUv3 effects like tonebridge directly from within its GUI let’s me feel that i don’t need audiobus anymore, which saves me performance (and maybe money).

are there plans to allow to add AUv3 effects directly to the main out (or even the individual groups’ outs) in GTL?

thank you.


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