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Backing up sessions and deleting in iTunes

I have a bunch of GTL sessions on my ipad. I want to transfer them to iTunes then delete them from iPad memory. I connect and open up itunes on my mac and I see all the GTL sessions. I copy them to my mac, then delete them from my ipad by deleting them in iTunes on my mac. But after I sync the ipad and itunes the sessions are still there on my ipad in GTL They are all 'corrupted'...but the titles are still there. So far I've just deleted them one by one...but it's a bit of a drag...what am I doing wrong? thanks...


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    Morning @jazubon, unfortunately I haven’t added a way to backup individual sessions yet. Currently the only way to back up is to use iTunes backup on the whole device.
    If you just delete the files in iTunes GTL will still have a reference to the sessions although they don’t actually exist on the iPad anymore. Hence why they are reported as corrupted.
    If you want to simply get rid of all your sessions then just delete GTL from your iPad and reinstall. However you can not restore a session back to GTL after wiping it. You will of course be able to use any of the loop audio files as these are just stored as CAF files however the session data will be lost (FX, MIX etc.) It will be possible to restore sessions in the next update. If you need to restore your sessions now then try copying them back to GTL via iTunes and they should open again. This will only work if you haven’t deleted GTL yet and the session reference still exists.

    I’m going to sort this in GTL 2 as it’s not ideal.

  • Ah...ok...wish I hadn't deleted those session references!....but, no's all impro. Looking forward to trying out V2 Thanks

  • Keep the session folders safe. You will be able to import them into GTL 2. :)

  • Excellent news!

  • BenBen
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    @jazubon. Are you able to import your completed sessions to your iTunes library on your Mac then access the songs as you would any other music there?
    I was able to do this in the past with GarageBand but with one of the iOS updates my tried and true method for some reason just stopped working.
    If I could do this through GTL with a recording I would be thrilled.
    If you wouldn’t mind explaining the steps for me I would greatly appreciate it.
    Sorry to hijack the thread, I might just start another if I misunderstood your original post.

  • Hi Ben, the session files would just be for the purpose of backing up.

    To export the song as a whole you would have to make a performance recording first in GTL. Then you could export your it via iTunes file sharing. I think you would have to drag the GTL 'Performance Recordings' folder over to your desktop first and then drag the files into iTunes.

    I will look into direct export to your iTunes library but it's not possible at the moment I'm afraid.
    Hope this helps.

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    I still believe implenting Ableton export alongside group export (zip) could be a great addition until GTL gets some kind of internal editor. The coloring picker from Blocs could also help in this... in fact export loops audiobus into Blocs could do the trick meanwhile even it means a bit fiddle here and there...

  • Thanks for the response @Jack. That method of exporting from GarageBand into iTunes library worked perfectly then mysteriously did not. Got me.
    If you could implement direct export to iTunes library that would be golden.

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    Right o, I will look into it.

    iTunes File Sharing should work although it can be a little buggy. If nothing appears in the File Sharing picker then try restarting iTunes. This usually fixes it for me anyway.

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