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Group the loop session

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Hi all!
As you can see in this video I need a song mode. Is it confirmed that it will be in next update?
Hope you enjoy the performance.


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    I make a copypaste from Audiobus forum!

    @fattigman said:
    I did this using acoustic instruments and Group the loop.
    Good thing about GTL is it’s workflow is very fast for recording loops.
    Bad thing is lack of song mode which I think is comming with next update.
    As you can see in the video I’m not only struggling with my son climbing on my back but also changing to the right group loop. I also wish there was an easier way to mix. GTL is still my favorite looper but I think stagelight’s clip launch mode is a contender for the best ios looper.
    Hope you enjoy it. Thanks.

    I hope you didn't figure it from my comments... what I said is

    ATM Universal version is betatesting. After that @Jack said he will look into AUv3 version and after that IDK but the editor/song recorder/whatever should be the next IMHO since as strategy/income seems logical (but I could be totally wrong)...

    Said that... since song part launch is midi mappable Why don't try to link it to modstep or something like that... one of the amazing things in the Universal version (coming soon) is split view/portrait mode... I need to look into it and figure out.

    Looking a bit into bindings the amazing addition of multiple actions with stepped triggering seems like follow actions (but even better) so with just one key/midi button you can trigger entire sequence...

    Excuse me about the quality of video... just recorded as is because I think it could help a lot of people...

    So there you have your dirty version sequencer meanwhile @Jack implements something more efficient and elegant for the bottom playlist you were triggering :wink:

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    Love the music @fattigman!

    No there won't be a song mode in the next version I'm afraid :( Its quite a big feature so it will take some time to develop. I can certainly see the need for it though.

    @dubbylabby is correct, If you delve into the MIDI bindings there might be something that can help your workflow. Not quite a full song arranger but you could trigger several groups in a sequence using the 'step' transition feature.

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