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Loop unmutes itself when its volume or pan is changed

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Hello! First off, thank you for this great tool! GTL is fitting very well into my AUM based recording setup.
I am hitting one slight snag with my midi controller: when I change the volume or pan of a muted clip, it unmutes itself. Sometimes I want to change the volume or pan of a clip before I bring it into the mix (unmute), but this seems to not currently be possible?
Thanks for your advise!


  • Hi, @Hypnoticxris.

    Yes this is the way GTL handles volume and mute. I’m not adverse to changing it and making mute completely independent. Does anyone have any objections?
  • Thanks for responding @Jack, I appreciate your attentiveness! It would be helpful to me to have mute and volume independent, but i understand if other use cases prefer them connected. Maybe an option in settings?

  • If I understand the OP’s request it sounds like that would give us more control of the dynamics. Make changes behind the scenes before bringing the loop back into the mix.
    No objections here.

  • Yeh it makes sense, cheers Ben
  • edited September 2019
    Another vote for independent volume, pan and mute controls.
  • Thanks @janosax, I'll make the change. Probably in GTL 2.1 though.

  • Sounds like a good idea...yes please.

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