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Can you allow to map MIDI events for "Start Clock" and "Stop Clock" ?

I am almost there in order to synchronize my Op-Z (Teenage engineering) sequencer with Group-The-Loop app : it's indeed possible to map midi signals to trigger actions in Group-The-Loop...

Unfortunately, even though my OP-Z midi signals are going through the application, it seems like this app doesn't capture special MIDI events such as the one that OP-Z sends for "Play" and "Stop"

Looks like Group-The-Loop does not catch "Start Clock" and "Stop Clock" midi signals
can you add the feature to capture MIDI "Start Clock" and "Stop Clock" so we can associate them to start and stop of your application ?


  • edited September 2019


    I'm not familiar with the OP-Z, does it support MIDI clock sync? MIDI sync is something that's been requested before so I'd be interested in adding it.

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