I have confusion about setting up different group lengths!

Hi, I just posted a feature request related to this, but after searching some similar forum topics, I realise I don't understand how this app works, regarding recording options.

Perhaps it would be best if I asked specifically how I should set it up to do the following:

I have a song, section A is 4 bars long, and I'd repeat it a few times and solo over it. Then I'd progress to: Section B which is 5 bars long, and only ever plays once, and always leads straight into...
Section C, which is 12 bars long. So I'd have to go out of recording section B straight into recording section C.

I would then go would then go back to section A the first time, maybe to section B later in the song. and overdub or just solo over those parts. I want to be able to play to a set tempo, possibly from a drum app etc..

I realised I didn't know how to set up individual group lengths for all the sections properly, so I'm misunderstanding something.

I read some forum topics about turning CUE off, but is there any way to do this while still syncing to a tempo? I see I can use manual tempo, but I'll have to rely on GTL getting my tempo correctly from my first loop. I'm not sure yet how reliable this will be. In this mode, do subsequent groups sync to the bars established by that tempo? They are not in total free time? And I would manually start (and stop) recording before the beginning (and end) of each section?

Is there is a way to do this, either by defining different group lengths, or by not using group lengths but doing manual starts and stops, that would sync with the tempo without me having to have extremely accurate button pressing skills.

I'm afraid I don't really understand the multiply divide situation, other than multiplying the lengths of layers within a group...



  • Hi again @SimonSomeone,

    The easiest way is with CUE turned on. When cue is turned on you set the length of your loop before you record it. So say you want to record a 4 bar loop, set the clock to 4 bars with the ‘times’ button and then record your loop. Then if you want a loop with 8 bars repeat these steps but first set the clock to 8 bars. You do not set the length of a group, the loops in a group can all be different lengths and switching between groups will occur after the longest loop playing.

    Another approach is to turn CUE off, if you are recording along to a drum beat from another app then you simply punch recording in and out to set the number of bars for a loop. This is called ‘Instant recording’ mode and should be indicated in the clock view at the top on the screen. Yes loops will automatically be truncated or extended to sync perfectly with the tempo. Of course you will need to enable Ableton Link to sync to other apps.

    If you would like to set the tempo manually then you need to make sure Ableton Link is not connected and the CUE button is turned off. You will the ‘manual tempo’ written in the clock view at the top. Then just punch in/your first loop to set the tempo (like a conventional loop pedal). After you have set the tempo with the first loop then subsequent loops all sync automatically to the session tempo with the ‘instant recording’ mode described above.
  • Ok thanks for your help, I'll try that out.

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