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Just bought an iPad pro 10.5, GTL won't open

Hi, I'd been using GTL a bit on my iPhone but have now bought an iPad... its currently running iOS 12. And all I get is a loading screen for a split second then nothing. It's working OK on my phone running iOS 13.

It should run OK on iOS 12 right?


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    Oh shoot, sorry @SimonSomeone. I’ll look into it and get a fix out as soon as I can! Might be worth trying to reinstall GTL or updating to iOS 13.
  • Hi, downloaded again. I noticed it downloaded in a ridiculously short amount of time. Like 1 or 2seconds. Then didn’t load again. I had a look in the settings to check them, and it wasn’t listed at all, though the icon is still on the desktop. So it seems though it didn’t download properly perhaps?

  • Further to that, I could upgrade to iOS 13, though I’m not sure if it’s stable and reliable yet. Do you have an opinion on that?

    And I presume it’s still an issue anyway that it’s not opening on my device?

  • Any news on this”

  • Hi @SimonSomeone, I’m working on it. Sorry the fix isn’t live yet. I’m pretty sure it’s an IOS thing, not a device thing so updating should fix it for now.
  • Ok thanks. No stress, I've been too busy to make use of it for the past few weeks. I'm a bit reluctant to update as I know iOS 13 has been full of issues. i bought heaps of apps during black Friday, which I also haven't hd a chance to play with yet, but was thinking they are probably good and 12, and once you update to 13 there's pretty much no going back. So I haven'r made the switch yet.

  • Hi @SimonSomeone, I think I've fixed this issue. Are you on the beta program for GTL? if not would you like to join and see if the fix has worked?

  • I'm not, but yes that would be good!

  • Ok, just saw the invitation as I was going to bed. I can confirm it now opens! Very busy tomorrow but I’ll actually try it out in the next few days, but so far it’s looking hopeful.

  • Great thanks for the feedback!

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