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Mono loop creation for Audio Input 1 + 2?

Is there a way to create a mono loop when recording Audio Input 1 & 2 in GTL? It seems I can record only a stereo loop when I record Audio Input 1 & 2?

I am using output channel 1 (or Left side) to monitor a metronome through headphones, and then using channel 2 (right side) as my main out for my "front of house" signal. So my FOH signal is a mono signal - which is fine for my application. I would like to record vocal and guitar simultaneously to a single loop, but when I do that, audio input 1 goes to the left side of the loop, and audio input 2 goes to the right side. And then when it plays back, I don't hear playback from what was recorded on audio input 1.

Any suggestions?

I am loving GroupTheLoop! See my profile for my loop setup details.


  • Hi @TuckGTL,

    You need an input mixer to mix the guitar and vocals together before they reach GTL. You can either do this with an analogue mixing desk or with another app like AUM or Audiobus. I’d recommend analogue as there is less to go wrong!

    I’d love to build in an input mixer to GTL but it’s a big job so it won’t happen soon!
  • Thanks Jack, I have a Tapco 6303 I can use for this purpose.
  • Oops I meant 6306...
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