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Hi, <br /><br />I am a singer/guitarist who plays lots of gigs with a looper pedal. I am very interested in replacing it with GTL which I have bought and downloaded just yesterday. So here's my live senerio problem I was hoping you can resolve...<br /><br />  I want to tap on a pedal to record a beat on my acoustic for 4 measures, then as the beat plays back without stopping, I want to play a verse and chorus rhythm guitar part for more than 4 measures but I won't know how many measures this will be at the time. I won't know till I've played it. I just want to be able to record that rhythm guitar part then tap the pedal to loop that part without having to enter the number of measures and while the acoustic beat plays without stopping. Is that possible as it is now?<br /><br /> Thanks and I appreciate your hard work. I can foresee this product to be a better replacement to the looper pedals that are currently out now with some tweaking. And if you could use a tester/product rep I would be happy to assist. I live just outside of Nashville,Tn and I perform in Nashville and on the road and I am around and know a ton of singer/songwriters/guitarist that would appreciate your product. Once they see it in action I'm positive they will ask what it is and how to get set up with it. Thanks again and God bless!<br /><br />-Luther <br />


  • Hey Luther, welcome to the GTL forum!<br /><br />So the key here is the 'CUE' button. If you have CUE turned on, loops will count in then record and stop automatically. This is the default behaviour and is necessary if you are using the screen to punch in and out your loops as it leaves your hands free to play your instrument. <br /><br />If you turn CUE off everything happens instantaneously, which is great if you have a midi foot controller. With CUE turned off you can record your first acoustic rhythm track by punching in, to start recording, and punching out to mark the end of the loop, just like on a conventional Boss loop pedal. Make sure you record the first loop in the master group so it plays throughout your tune. Also try to make your first loop short (e.g 1 bar) as this will give you greater flexibility later on. Once you've recorded the first loop, every loop after will be a multiple of it. <br /><br />Now start recording your first acoustic part to group 1 for the verse. Once you have punched it in, the loop will record forever until you punch it back out again. GTL will automatically clip the new loop to be in perfect sync with your first loop. This means you don't have to set the loop length first, thus solving your problem, i hope... :)<br /><br />Now when you want to move to the chorus part, just start recording to any loop in group 2. This will instantly stop playing group 1 and start group 2 but your acoustic rhythm part will continue to play throughout.<br /><br />I hope this helps, I will try and make a demo video covering this approach at some point.<br /><br />Cheers!
  • Thanks I will try that and I sure do appreciate your explanation. <br /><br />Cheers my friend,<br />Luther
  • is it possible to add a midi binding to toggle CUE?
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    @owi wrote:
    is it possible to add a midi binding to toggle CUE?

    Hi @owi, Good idea! Yep that's certainly possible. I'm planning to expand the MIDI bindings at some point so i'll add it to the list.
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