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setting a SLOW tempo with initial loop

I'm having trouble establishing a tempo of around 50-60 bpm when using the first loop to set tempo. GTL will always be double the tempo. In some ways this wouldn't matter, but when I try to sync Soft Drummer to it, I gat a frenetic drum pattern over my slow song.

I did some experiments recording a percussive guitar part, and the slowest tempo I could get GTL to recognise was around 64 bpm. As I tried to slow the my playing and attempt the process again, the tempo would be established up to around the 116 mark, ie double what I had intended.

Is there anything I can do to establish a slow tempo in this way?


  • Hi @SimonSomeone,

    Yep this is possible. Sounds like GTL is in 'auto' mode and trying to predict the number of bars you are recording. The trick is to use the clock multiplier buttons to set the number of bars before you start your first recording. You should see the little label in the bottom right corner of the clock view change from 'Auto' to '1 bar', '2bars' and so on.

    Hope this helps!

  • Oh thanks, I'll try this out!

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