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midi bindings: 'play group / Follow', plus tempo/sync Q

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Hi, I'm trying to get my head around 'follow' in the 'play group' option of midi bindings. What does it do that is different to cue - on?

Secondly, I like manually setting the tempo with a 1 bar loop, and then having other apps follow it in a AUM session. Is that possible? I can set tempo with Ableton Link off, and i just saw this reply from you in an old post:

"There is no midi sync but GTL does support Ableton Link. If using Link, you need to make sure no other apps are connected in order to ‘manually’ set the tempo. If other apps are connected then GTL will just follow the shared link tempo."

Is there some way to perhaps switch link on after establishing the tempo while GTL is hosted in AUM? or some other work around? The use case I'm thinking of is having a drum track come in a bit later in my song, and following the tempo I had manually established in GTL

Thanks! I'm really enjoying all the options available here.

Oh, one more Q... I read that only one midi controller can be used at a time, is that right? how about key bindings? can i use them concurrently with midi?


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    Hi @SimonSomeone,

    'Follow' means the function will do whatever the main CUE button says. So basically it's the default behaviour of all functions. Alternatively, if you set the function's CUE option to ON instead, then the function will ignore the main CUE button state and always be cued.

    There's not an easy way to force the Ableton link tempo with manual record yet. I would like to add this feature though, maybe in the next update...

    Yep only one controller at a time I'm afraid, and yes you should be able to use key bindings at the same time as MIDI ones.

  • I was very happy this morning to see the option to set tempo in the beta version! I've only had the smallest chance to test so far today but it seemed to work fine. Thanks!

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    That's good news, let me know how you get on. Cheers!

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