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What is the SMALLEST 2 channel (guitar/mic) USB audio interface?

Hey guys

I'm back after a while. Hope you all are well and that GTL is making good progress. :smiley:

I'm busking on the streets with a guitar and a microphone, while adding effects like looping or reverb through my iPhone. For this, so far, I used the Zoom U-44 portable USB audio interface, which is portable, but still a bit bulky (I'm backpacking, so I have very low space).

After searching around for THE ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT MOBILE audio interface that can handle both a guitar and a microphone (and is compatible with iOS) for over a year now, I still found a new option today, that I didn't know of before:


It seems indeed to be smaller than anything I knew before:

MeloAudio TS Mini (

Roland GO:Mixer (

iRig Pro Duo (

I immediately fell in love with the aforementioned ESI UGM96, as it is very portable (I admire how they decided to only offer TRS, instead of XLR, which saves a lot of space). It is discontinued though, in favour of a bigger item, the ESI UGM192 (, which I don't like that much. I googled a bit, and found this:

O Edition USB Interface for Guitar/Microphone (

It seems to be the UGM96 under a different brand, and it is still in stock.

But before ordering it: [B][COLOR="Red"]does anyone here know another USB audio interface that is EVEN SMALLER?[/COLOR][/B] And allows to connect both a guitar and a microphone to an iOS device?

Thank you.


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