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BlueBoard or other pedal, suggested mappings

Hi. I’ve just managed to connect a BlueBoard (4 pedals) to Group the Loop and am looking for advice on how to assign midi controls. Pedal One would be, I assume, Record/Overdub. I tried setting pedal 2 to move to next clip, but I can’t quite get it to work. Anyone using anything similar and could tell what controls they’ve chosen and why? Much obliged.


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    Hi @kevinpow,

    For pedal 2 you could try "Select Next Loop" this should highlight the next loop with an orange boarder so you know it's selected and ready to Record.

    There's quite a lot of options in GTL for MIDI assignment, it's tricky though with only 4 pedal so it's best to try and keep things simple.

    Have you tried the "Record then Select Next" function? this will record to the first loop then move to the next after recording has finished.

    Also some MIDI functions have the "Confine To" option. This confines the function to a particular group. For example, "Select Next Loop" with "Confine To" set to "Group 1" will only select loops in group 1. This can come in useful if you have limited pedals.

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