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Apply effects to loops already while recording (not only afterwards)

I have asked a similar question a few months ago, and I would love to get some specific clarifications about it (

My biggest problem with GTL at the time being is that it applies effects to loops only after they are recorded, which makes the whole feature useless in my opinion (and I don't see the reasoning behind it).

For example, when a verse contains of 2x the same chord progression, I would record my guitar on the 1st one, and a bass line on the 2nd one. For that I need to change the FX on my guitar exactly between 1st and 2nd progression, so my guitar now sounds like a bass on the 2nd one. If GTL applied FX directly while recording, I could setup this upfront; now I have to somehow make it work manually using my MIDI foot controller (by assigning a control to the "Next/Previous effect" in my effects app, which is Tonebridge). But this needs very good timing and is prone to creating artefacts.

Any prediction on when (or if) GTL will change (or add) this behaviour? Or do you have another idea? I know that FX are applied to the master input directly while recording, so I don't see why this would be different. At least from a technical point of view it should be possible quite easily, right? :smile:


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