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more help with the cueing of recording of loops

I'm a bit puzzled about whether I can trigger in advance for a loop to record at the start of the next bar.

My setup is using AUM. For this project I'll have AUM set the tempo, starting with a drum loop, and me playing guitar live. then I press a footswitch to record loop 1 in group 1. If possible I'd like to press this before the bar, as I want to record a bass pedal note at the same time as guitar. So the footwork is a bit intense for exact timing. I don't want to use cue recording as I don't want to set any loop lengths in advance. So I'm using instant mode.

So this first pattern is a short intro loop, and after it's looped a couple of times I want to press my next footswitch, which is set to record loop 1 in group 2. Again, preferably in advance, for the same reason. But group 1 stops playing as soon as I hit that footswitch, so I have to time the trigger right at the start of the bar.

Is there any way to make that happen?

One other thing I'm unsure of is whether the count in setting being active or inactive makes any difference in instant mode. It's not selectable, but it's 'greyed out' state might either be on or off, depending on how it was set when in cue mode. But I'm unsure if this makes a difference.

Any hints?



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    Hi @SimonSomeone,

    It sounds like we need separate cue in/cue out options so you could cue in a loop and it keep it recording until you tell it to stop. Unfortunately GTL doesn't have this right now so CUE mode requires setting the bar length before hand.

    Instant recording mode is the way to go. If another loop or the session is already playing then timing is all handled automatically so it doesn't matter if you press the pedal a little early or too late it will remain exactly in time. This does mean that groups will also play/stop instantly so, as you have discovered, you can not cue in the next group while in instant record mode. I would trigger record on beat one and start playing straight away, it takes a little practise but can give great results.

    No the count in mode only applies when CUE is turned on.


  • Thanks for that @jack, I'll keep practicing. for the future those extra options would be great :)

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