Display executed MIDI commands in some notification

I'm experimenting with custom MIDI handling using an iRig BlueBoard and Mozaic.

As working with a BlueBoard is a bit finicky, I sometimes press a wrong button or I don't press it at all. So sometimes I don't really now whether my intended MIDI was sent (e.g. switching the input from 1 to 2, which is also not perceivable from within the main screen of GTL).

In https://forum.audiob.us/discussion/comment/830057/#Comment_830057 (and following post), I asked whether it is possible to send some commands to a BlueBoard to make its buttons glow, which would be a way to communicate something to me. For example: when button A is blue, the input 1 is active; if B is blue, input 2 is active; if C is blue, both inputs are active.

This doesn't seem to be possible, so I thought that maybe I can send some message to the iOS notification center through Mozaic. This way I could send notifications that I could see wherever I'm currently at, and also within GTL. But this doesn't seem to be easily possible.

So I thought about this: what about displaying a small notification (for a second or maybe two) somewhere on the GTL main screen whenever a MIDI was received that executed some binding? And an even cooler thing: allow custom messages to be displayed which are simply triggered by any MIDI that was received (so I could display a notification even for a MIDI message that doesn't do anything in GTL, but maybe in AUM)?

Just an idea. :smile:


  • Short update: it IS possible to make the BB's buttons glow. But it behaves buggy, as it seems:


    So it would still be a very useful thing to display notification inside GTL.

  • Added to the list, cheers @josh!

  • Great, thank you.

    For the records: I implemented an audio alternative to this suggestion simply using a custom preset in a sampler, where each note stores a specific audio signal which can be triggered through MIDI. For more info see https://github.com/jmuheim/mozaic-blueboard#giving-audio-feedback

  • That reminds me how arranger apps like prime:loops work. These have also cue/loop and playlist but not live looping which could be performed with GTL running in parallel of course.
    Take a look to get some inspiration and also see the “simplified way” that backing tracks model has to offer. Not everyone’s cup of tea, I know, but it comes from “song over performance” mindset I usually point.

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