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More Loops

A couple of more loops per group would be nice. Save having to merge loops and risk mismatched volume levels. Some time I find the merge track ends up way deep in to the first track.


  • I agree, of course it would require more of a dynamic layout to accommodate the extra loops. One day...

  • When you say dynamic do you mean an automatic resizing to accommodate the loops? Maybe it should just be an iPad IAP. On my 12.9 which I do most of my work I can see it being able to handle 2 more loops at least. Decrease the height of the existing loops maybe. More loops would be a great help for me and I am willing to pay for them. But I am retired and of comfortable means.

  • Thanks @Slimbeaux, that’s good to know. Yes it would be possible to just to decrease the size of the loops, or even add another column. That would be the way to go with GTL 2. Ultimately I’d love to have dynamic groups where you can have as many loops per group as you like. But that would be GTL 3!
  • I fully agree. At least 6 loops would be awesome. :smile:

  • @josh said:
    I fully agree. At least 6 loops would be awesome. :smile:

    Name them please. Maybe there’s an aternative workflow and 4 makes more than needed. :rolleyes

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