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Using other apps as the rhythm like quantiloop does

I use Lumbeats rock drummer as the rhythm in quantiloop but I want to move to GTL as the grouping and song parts functionality is really great however I have tried running rock drummer with ableton link and GTL and when I start the session running they never start together? Its always randomly out of sync, presume this is because the ableton clock is just running all the time so you have to "jump" into the start of a cycle? This isn't ideal in a live scenario as I run with cue and usually 16 bars. Could it be added as an option to use an app as your rhythm track? I don't want to just sample it in a master group loop slot as rock drummer is dynamic and has humanization and random fills as it rolls along. Thanks :smile:


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    Morning @catw4x,

    Yes it is possible to sync a rhythm app to GTL in the way you have suggested. I'm not familiar with Lumbeats Rock Drummer but it's important to make sure it's reporting the phase to Ableton Link. This is the number of bars in the drum sequence. It could be a manual setting which you would set to 16 bars or it could be handled automatically. If Rock Drummer is reporting the 16 bar phase to Ableton Link then other app can synchronise with this and start playing at the beginning of the sequence.

    Next make sure GTL is stopped and, from a blank session, start a new 16 bar recording. Starting from a stopped GTL session allows for a 'quantised launch', basically waits until the beginning of the sequence before playing/recording. Recording 16 bars ensures that GTL has the same length sequence as Rock drummer. If you record other lengths of loops first then it is not guaranteed that the to apps will be in phase.

    If you do need to record shorter loops first then go to 'Settings' -> 'Clock' and set the 'Sync Quantum' option to 16 bars. This will ensure that GTL will always quantise launches to 16 bars irrespective of the length of your first loop. Just remember to start recording from a stopped GTL session.

    The latter ensures that the two apps start in phase/sync however it's still possible for GTL to fall out when switching groups. Imagine you have one group of 16 bars, perfectly in phase with Rock Drummer, then you switch to a group of 4 bars and then straight back to the first group. Now GTL will be 4 bars out of phase with Rock Drummer. The best option is to make sure all your groups have at least one 16 bar loop in . Another is to experiment with the 'Force Phase Alignment' setting in GTL. This will force all other apps in phase with GTL, so you can switch groups anytime and Rock Drummer should follow. Depending on the other app, this may or may not work well.

    The last and probably easiest option is to switch CUE off in GTL. Then you can record, play and switch groups whenever you like. If you're in control then you can make sure things come in at the correct time and completely forget about Ableton Link phase alignment! This is my preferred method.

  • Cool, thanks for the response. I'll try your suggestions. Could it be added as an option alongside your metronome and drummer though? Then we could ignore Ableton link altogether and just start both apps instantly, appreciate that then my groups could potentially go out of sync with the drummer if like you say a group is less than 16.

    Another idea that would help would be to see a visual representation of each beat in a bar like beatbuddy does. So like a transparent overlay over the main little info window that flashes each beat.

    Also seen another user ask for the ability to move the sample inside a loop. This is defo needed. If you could have a simple option to drag a sample around so that it starts at a different place that would give users loads of creative options/happy accidents. Probably with beat snapping or freeform as options.

    Really loving the app though. Really intuitive and simple. Feels like a good community you have here too all wanting to help improve your product.

    Thanks again.

  • @Jack Thanks for the tips! I got it working. Rock drummer is using a 1 bar phase which I don't think I can change but I just set the sync quantum to 1 bar and it's perfect. 2 bars actually works ok aswell I just have to watch the cue to make sure it's in the 2nd 4 beats when I start it running. Awesome sauce!

  • Hi @catw4x, that's brilliant thanks for the update!

  • In fact iBassist is the most advanced arranger I’ve found and the most musical at the same time. Makes a perfect companion for GTL...

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