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Hey, could you add a transpose to your effects section. A lot of loopers will play in a bass line on guitar or vocally and then transpose it down.


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    Nice idea, I can't promise anything but how do you imagine it working? Presumably you would want to print the effect to the loop 'offline' so you could then overdub unaffected parts on top. If it was an insert effect then it would change the pitch of all overdubs.

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    Something to keep in mind, the sort of transpose effect I'd be able to implement would add a fair amount of latency so it would't be that great as a live input effect.

    Also maybe there's an AUv3 or IAA effect that will do this.

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    Yeah so probably something similar to quantiloop. They have a set of 3 input effects that you can switch on and off quickly with a button. In the settings you can set the input that they will be applied to and any Params. Then you could quickly switch it on, record the loop with it then switch off to overdub. So yes it would be printed to the loop when it's recorded.

  • An auv3 might be good yes. Maybe koala FX then there are lots of options. Would still be good to have a quick on/off though for speed and flow. And be able to map midi to the switch

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