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Lock groups

Hi, A quick idea iv had is to be able to lock groups. You could remove the master section and just allow each group to be locked so that they play all the time. Then you could have as many groups as you want as masters. Or if that's too CPU intensive then you could just allow any group to be the master. You would free up screen real estate and give more flexibility. Also a CPU load meter would be useful so we know when we are close to capacity.


  • By removing the master section you would have more room to be able to have 6 loops per group which would be perfect.
    Couple that with a nice input mixer with effects sends for reverb and delay and you have a winner!
    Realtime FX X-Y pad would be cool where you could record some automation per loop too!
    So many ideas lol :)

  • Thanks @catw4x, I like your thinking! I've had this thought myself, it's something I want to do for the next version of GTL. One day maybe... It would be a fairly big change to the look and feel and that's why it would have to be in GTL3 or another app altogether.

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    You could also have a different view for more of a song structure type of workflow. So you could have live view as is and a new song view. Song view would let you put your groups in sequence as blocks or record them live. So a little like Ableton where you have live view for inspiration and jamming and then you could manually sequence or record the sequence you play in song view? Just an idea off the top of my head.

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