The coloured select frame

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So, I've been playing around some more with GTL in combination with different midi controllers and there's one thing I find a bit disorienting: currently, there is only one coloured frame to indicate either the selected group or the selected loop and when I select a new group via midi the frame around the selected loop disappears. Since atm I'm using both the select next/prev loop and next/prev group functions I would really like to have some permanent visual indication of both the selected group and the selected loop at the same time.<br /><br />Also, I can't check it right now but I think I remember when GTL is fully reset I have to first push the select next loop button once before I can record something. IMHO, it would make sense to have the first loop in the first group preselected (it doesn't have to have a frame around it in this special case).<br /><br />But that's about it for me in terms of feature requests. Otherwise I'm still very happy to have found GTL.<br /><br />Cheers,<br />Axel


  • Thanks Axel, really appreciate your input. <br /><br />When I put together the MIDI interface I never anticipated that users would use both select group and select loop functions at the same time. I will look into it and see if I can enable both in a future update.<br /><br />Reset wise - do you mean when you select 'reset session' or when GTL is shut down then reopened? Currently if you press reset session the selected loop will stay selected. If you force close the app then, on launch, no loop is selected.
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