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I've been seeking the right looper for literally years and this is spot on!<br /><br />I've got Group The Loop setup with Ableton Link driving outboard gadgets using Korg SyncKontrol capturing the audio from Korg Gadget, Patterning, Audiobus and AUM sources with two iPads interconnected using an iConnectivity Audio4+, all playing in time, and controlled using an FCB1010 ... Its friggin awesome!!!<br /><br />I have a couple of requests i was hoping you would consider.<br />'Instant Recording' mode setting the tempo is an absolutely brilliant feature i was looking for, at long long last, i can start a song acoustically at what tempo i choose and the looper figures out the tempo i just played, essential for syncing.<br />But currently if i play a four bar loop on my guitar into it, it calculates the tempo as being a quarter of what i just played at because it assumes the first recording is always one bar in length.<br />Would it be possible for that to be increased, maybe if it considered the current settings for multiplier and also time signature in the calculation that would be great.<br /><br />Some songs i use the cue, but having a metronome sound is problem playing live. Could there be an option of a visual metronome, flashing like a strobe slightly brighter on the bar would be perfect for me but any visual would be great.<br /><br />You have included practically every feature i was looking for in a looper so seriously big thanks from me!


  • Wow your setup sounds great! Pleased to hear you're enjoying Group the Loop.<br /><br />Instant record - I see what you mean, the tempo is a 1/4 of the speed it should be if you start by recording 4 bars. It would be useful to have an option to multiply the bar length in the clock settings somewhere, i'll look into it! Personally, when I set the tempo using 'instant recording' I find it easier to start with a simple 1 bar loop then progress from there.<br /><br />Visual metronome - good idea, i will add it to the list :) Also if you didn't know already, you can turn off the metronome sound in the 'General' setting tab under 'Count in' although this would make it quite hard to get the timing bang on.
  • Hey, I'll piggyback on this thread, since I also have praise and suggestions to offer, and also, my setup is similar to Beehaus's - two iPads, iCA4+, MIDI Keyboard as well as a Blueboard and BT-4 on the floor.

    Guitar is my main instrument, and I sing. I'm trying to pull off looping in a live context with GTL and this setup, all loops created real time (not saved/loaded).

    The trouble I'm having is selecting between groups with the pedalboards during performance. I can select them just fine, but the play/stop thing is giving me trouble. I have the midi from the pedalboard sent trough MidiFlow to send both the Next Group and Play/Stop CC, but it's not quite working. Is there a better approach for this?

    So, my feature requests are:
    - MIDI support for "Play Selected Group"
    - MIDI support for toggle metronome
    - I like the idea of a visual metronome
    - Separate outs by track so they can be processed differently in AUM
    - UI support for three groups per page (plus master)
    - Also, if possible, MIDI support for "Plan Group <n>" would be very useful.

    ...and in the praise department, I really enjoy using this app. I "auditioned" many, including the two popular "midi" loopers, and I keep coming back to GTL. It's very intuitive, and while my looping chops have a long way to go, I'm making consistent progress with GTL. I look forward to more new features, thanks for your work on this!

    lastly, if you need another beta tester, I'm happy to help. I have many years' of software QA experience in the "real world", and if there is anything I can to do assist with GTL development, I'd be happy to.

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