Export location query?

Hi there,
When I've recorded a performance and I hit the envelope icon to export (as opposed to the audio share icon)...where exactly does that export to?
I can't seem to find the file anywhere.



  • Hi, the envelope icon is to send via email. You should see an email template pop up with the file attached. Then just enter the address and send.

    If you are just looking to export to your computer, connect your iPad and open file sharing in iTunes. From there you should be able to drag the 'Performance Recordings' folder over to tour desktop.
  • Hi Jack,
    Thanks for the quick reply.
    I thought that might be the case, I didn't see any template pop up though. GTL minimised, saw the ipad thinking about something and then nothing happened.
    Might be something wrong with my email app but it's not too important, as I'd rather use audioshare anyway!
  • Ah that shouldn't happen, thanks for letting me know. What device and iOS version are you running?
  • No problem. I'm on an iPad 2 running 9.3.2.
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