48kHz sample rate unsupported

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My Interface - HELIX - has a 48kHz sample rate. Please support this and other options in future update.

I did try to reset my HELIX to 44.1 but on plugging in Apple USB camera kit into the iPad still got the same messages


  • Turns out The USB samplerate in the Line6 HELIX is fixed at 48kHz.

    PLEASE PLEASE update this to support 48 ASAP !!!
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    Hey @nonchai, thanks for bringing this up. That's unfortunate that the Helix is 48kHz only.

    Until now no one has mentioned this as an issue so it's slipped down my to do list. I will now make this a priority as I think it's important.

  • Ok so i've had a look at supporting 48kHz today. All seams to be working well so far but it could do with further testing.

    If you'd like to give it a go soon then I can add you as a beta tester.

  • Fantastic ! all in the same day - yes please - add me as a beta tester :)
  • ( whats the next step ? )
  • Brilliant, thanks for helping.

    If you message me your email I'll try and get a beta build out to you soon. Then just let me know if you come across any issues.
  • For anyone else interested in this i've now enabled 48kHz support in the current beta release. Hopefully we will see this in the next app store update as well.
  • Any idea when the update will go live? I also have a Helix and have bought the app with the hopes of using the Helix to control it via MIDI over USB. Just fiddling around with the app itself it looks great, but currently can't use it. Thanks!
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