Separate out Drums,Metronome,Performance options from Settings menu. Put on new buttons instead.

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Currently there are many aspects which have been grouped under the SETTINGS button which I think conceptually and practically belong and would be better separated out elsewhere - chiefly such drum style metronome and performance.

Typical in apps - “Settings” or “preferences” menus or buttons tend to be used for things that one is not likely to change much from session to session. So can be hid away under such a button and the complexity of access isn’t much of an issue.

But Drum style, metronome and record performance - are aspects that will be used very frequently so need as few “clicks” to access them.

So maybe add a new button for PERFORMANCE.

And for drum style and metronome options - how about bringing up the options for either of those simply by holding down the DRUM or METRONOME button for either for more than say a second or more in order to invoke. Obviously one wants to avoid cluttering that lovely minimal interface but access to these oft-used features need to be made less fiddly and quicker.


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    I see what you mean, over time/updates GTL has had features added and this has made the settings list longer and longer. I don't what to add too many more buttons, as you say this could clutter up the interface, so i think maybe sub categories are the key here. Like you suggest, separate the performance elements from the session management and other settings.

    I think it's important that everything can be accessed from one setting/options button to save confusion for the user. A perfect example of such confusion is in Logic Pro. It has 'Preferences' and 'Options' and for years I been opening one only find what I'm looking for is in the other. However I fully get your point that certain things need to be accessed quickly, i.e drummer and metronome settings. Yes these settings could be accessed with a hold press on the button itself as well as from within the settings view. I will add it to the list, good idea.

    Thanks for your ideas!
  • Agree. the worst example of "menu bloat" is Band-In-A-Box - a superb tool - but one which has evolved over decades and amassed tons of options in preferences .. such as it really needs a UI overhaul.

    And for sure - any method which avoids more button-clutter the better. Minimalism all the way. Although Even such a venerable looper as loopyHD is now unwieldy in its hierarchical layer-tree of settings.

    Best of British Luck :)
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