Make all MUTES 1-click action

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How about adding a small MUTE icon ( same size as the X in the top right corner ) to the bottom right of the loop rectangle. Unless i'm missing something (RTFM?) its two-click operation thing currently. To be able to just click a small mute icon on any loop would be useful in a live or recording situation.


  • Hey @nonchai, a two finger tap will mute a loop straight away. Does this suffice?
  • oh didnt know that.

    thats already there ? will give it a go.
  • edited November 2016
    I just tried that method. I can see it works - but only sometimes but tbh not very reliably. Muting seems to work. But then un-muting.... intermittent.

    Seems to depend on how you do it. ( or is it my fingers ? ).
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