Problem with sample rate detection

Hi.... Just bought GTL and upon opening the app I get the message that 48k not supported and after that it reports being unable to set the sample rate to 44.1k. I'm using an ipad 4 with ios 10. Also, per the message, no other audio apps ( or regular apps) are running and I've tried restarting the pad.


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    Hey @willg, sorry about this. Are you plugged into an external audio interface? GTL does not currently support 48kHz and some interfaces force the iPad into particular sample rates.

    Someone else has mentioned this recently and i've been working hard on supporting 48kHz so hopefully an update will be out soon.

    If you'd like to fix this issue quickly then drop me your email and i'll get you a beta version over asap.

  • Willg - are you by chance using a Line Pod HD or HELIX ?
  • I am using the Helix, and have the same issue. iPad Mini 2/Retina w/ latest iOS10.
  • +1, same issue with Helix, iPad Pro & latest iOS 10.
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