Optional time-out on the 'Settings' panel that drops down to close the panel after a second or more.

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Since there are a lot of things tucked away under the Settings panel that i often use in "play" mode - it would be useful not to have to necessarily always click the Settings button again just to put it away. An optional time-out could do this.

Maybe the timeout could be set to only operate on certain features ( such as drum style since thats likely to be modded as one is actually playing back something or experimenting )

And failing this - at least allow us to close the settings panel if one just "clicks" anywhere else outside the panel in an inactive area - as is common for many modal dialogs in iOS apps.

As i said before it would be nice if some of the aspects hidden in the many pages of settings could be put elsewhere so they had quicker access - drum styles, etc etc.

I also thing it might be better just to have a much bigger panel where one can see ALL the buttons ( or tabs ) for each settings panel without the need to do any scrolling.

Ie ( again...) "one-click access" instead of scrolling.

Making the settings dialog semi-transparent but bigger might help in keeping the user aware of whats going on in the main screen playback wise too.


  • Yes all good points, I will probably set the Settings view to pop back up when the background is tapped like you suggested. This seems the simpler approach, I think a time out may not work for everyone.

    Also I like the idea you had awhile back, hold press transport buttons to quickly access drummer and metronome settings etc. This should make it a little quicker to get to certain performance options?
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    [This should make it a little quicker to get to certain performance options?]

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