Group the Loop 1.3.1 Update is Here!

edited December 2016 in News
Group the Loop 1.3.1 has just been sent off to the AppStore elves. Hopefully it will be available soon but you never know with these things. From what I gather, AppStore review times have something to do with the phase of the moon and string theory.

Big thanks to everyone who helped beta test this one!

What's new? Mainly bug fixes and optimisations, but also some important additions such as 48kHz support. I'd recommend this update for all users.

Full change list:
• 48kHz sample rate support.
• More time signature options.
• Virtual MIDI support.
• Updated Ableton Link library.
• Optimisations and bug fixes.

Also a lot of ground work has gone in getting ready for the iPhone edition. Hopefully we'll see this soon.



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