Timestretch pitchshift and midi.

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It could be possible add midi (note) control over pitch of the session?
Something like Blocs Wave (or bette like looptunesHd keyboard) feature...

It will be great for backing tracks and use GTL as arranger...

Happy new 2017 eve people!


  • Sounds like a good idea. How do you imagine a midi note to effect the pitch? Decrease/increase tempo incrementally, or set a pre defined tempo? I am planning to add midi CC control of the tempo at some point.
  • Well I think independent tempo and pitch. About tempo just as now is ok (tap button and CC for add an slider or so) but for the pitch it could be awesome set a midi channel for note recieving and then set the Root key of the whole melodyc content to follow the notes played with left keyboard hand (under C2 or dedicated channel for splitting my midi keyboard) // bass footpedal to complement the looping with arranging. Keeping rythmic content timestretched with no pitch modification (maybe resampling option in the edit mode of the sample)


    In this video foot pedal is controlling midi arranger (ketron)
    Usually this is managed by midi phrase looper which makes advanced midi transpossing realtime (more than move tones straightforward it performs adapations to harmonic scale) but we could adapt the concept for more "living content" (includding adaptation of these preset scales to right frequency and if you need help/contribution I'll very glad to help of course)

    This is a common bass foot pedal. You can change root key with "keys" and song part with top switches.

    In the arranger realm iOS has MidiBand app but it seems abandoned and have some glitches. Also need somekind of "module" since it hasn't and makes necessary something like bismakr bs-16i or roland sound canvas...

    I think is more interesting create our own arrangements with audio content but still keeping the harminic perform to sing along. Integrated midi loops with its proper channels etc will be mind blow but maybe a bit out of GTL main focus (and I don't want to hijack the tool to my personal taste/workflow more than suggest interesting tools for the wider audience). Personally I think live looping must go in this direction to become full performers but that's only my opinion and uber experimental setups could be another legit direction so find balance maybe it's impossible mission.

    Some documentation that I hope it helps:

    Variphrase vocal designer technology applied to realtime chorus.

    Thanks and happy new year 2017 Jack (and community)!
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    Thanks @dubbylabby, I see what you mean now. It's a nice idea although it would require realtime time stretching. Even though you only want to change the pitch of the loop to the corresponding MIDI note, in order to keep the length of the loop the same, we need to apply a time stretching algorithm. Time stretching is very heavy on the CPU and therefore GTL uses offline processing to achieve time stretching on every loop. To achieve what you have suggested within GTL we would have to use 'realtime' time stretching which would be very taxing on any IOS device and therefore I think is not the best course at the moment. Maybe an idea for an independent app?

    Hope that makes sense!

    EDIT: It would be possible, in theory, to change the pitch of the main output rather than individual loops.
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    Yes I know... and there is some room for a sister app :)
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