GTL with Tonestack as IAA input?

I've been re-checking out Group The Loop and as long as I don't use Audiobus it seems to work fine on my iPad2 with other apps via IAA. I can play Bias Amp quite nicely with it and was really impressed yesterday.

However my favorite guitar amp sim is Tonestack. I might be missing something, but Tonestack has a bunch of IAA features and thought it was IAA compatible? I'm not seeing it on the list of available app inputs in GTL.

So, is this a question for Group The Loop or should I be contacting Yonac, the Tonestack developer, to determine why it isn't showing up as an IAA input?


  • Could be related to node vs host IAA modes in Tonestrack?
  • Ok thanks @dubbylabby that seems to be it. I'll take it up on the Yonac forums. I've spammed two forums with the question now and you've helpfully responded in both. *grin*
  • Hi @Fprintf, yes sounds like ToneStack is not registered as an IAA Instrument/Generator node. If it's not showing up as a node in other apps then that's confirmed.

    I'm currently working on hosting IAA effects in GTL. If ToneStack is registered as an IAA effect then we may have a solution in the coming update.
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