Duo looping?

as GroupTheLoop can get synced over Ableton Link, I wonder if the following would work:
..... 2 musiciens, each one with his own Ipad running GroupTheLoop
.....Ableton Link activated so that both apps run at the same tempo
.....one of both musiciens triggers the changes of track groups per MIDI, on both 2 Ipads at the same time
This would enable the 2 musicians to loop together on the same song structure, with a high degree of freedom.
Could that work technically?
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  • Yes. Just set the same midi controller for both iDevices. As example imagine a footpedal sending midi to both iDevices through midi input port (3 old fashion midi cable, a midi splitter, 2 midi input interfaces (one by iDevice), 2 CCK and a wifi network). You map the same commands in both iDevices and hit the footpedal...

    and voilâ!

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    Hi @Darius and thanks @dubbylabby. Yes it is certainly possible. The tempo would be matched perfectly although you will need to keep an eye on the phase/progress through each section as it's still possible for your groups to switch at different times and become out of phase.

    There are a couple of ways you can do this:
    1. As Dubbylabby mentioned above, trigger recordings and switches on both devices with the same midi pedal.
    2. Ensure you both record the same length of loop for each section. If you record different lengths then GTL may switch earlier / later on one of the devices.
    3. Turn off CUE mode to switch groups. Groups will then switch instantly when you trigger them via midi, they will still stay in perfect sync but both musicians will have to make the midi trigger at the same time. The advantage of this route is your groups can be different lengths.

    Let me know how you get on, sounds like a great idea!

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