Multiple Inputs

I have read else where on these pages that I can add multiple inputs by using AUM or Audiobus. I tried AUM by putting my bass on one channel routed to a mix bus and a synth on another channel routed to a mix bus. Collected them all from the mix bus on a third channel routed to GTL. I could record the separate loops at different times in different loops but I am having a hard time matching volume levels. All the levels look right on AUM but the synth is way too quiet even with the output set all the way up. So what is the proper way to use AUM as a sub mix.

Next question. I also read here that I can switch between inputs with MIDI commands. Looked at the MIDI bindings but it wasn't very helpful in how it worked.

But I am having great fun learning this app. Looking at setting up a performance set up and this is being quite the experience.
Thanks for the help and I will be back in a couple of days. No internet at home.



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    HI @Slimbeaux,

    Sounds like you're doing it the right way so I'm not quite sure why you are getting different levels. Are you sure your bus send levels are all the same?

    Also make sure they are post fader. This will ensure the volume you set on the fader sent to GTL.

    Might be worth checking your individual loop volumes in GTL as well.

    To set the audio input via MIDI open the settings and navigate to MIDI. Under the Port heading, tap your midi controller's port to connect it. then scroll down and tap MIDI Bindings then tap the plus button in the lower right corner to add a new MIDI binding. Scroll down until you see the Audio Input function and tap that. Then you will need trigger the button or foot pedal on your controller, GTL should see and register the MIDI command. Then scroll down to the Audio Input option and select the desired input. Click done.

  • Thanks Jack. This a great app that you have here. Closest thing to Ableton Live yet and I had been looking for a year and a half.

    I will try that on the volume control.

    Can you cycle through the inputs or does each input have to have it's own midi command?

    Thanks again Bro, you're the best.


  • No problem, there isn't a cycle input command but if you add a "Set Input" function for each input to the binding and use the "Step" transition then you will be able to cycle through them.

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