non-fixed bar-beats operation mode

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Was talking to a fellow HELIX user on the FB HELIX user group who said he rather likes the more conventional looper thing where you tell the looper when you ve reached the end of the loop manually rather than working to a fixed bar-length. Personally i prefer the way GTL does things but thought i'd pass it on here anyway.

Here's how he put it:
"one advantage of the native [HELIX] looper (I know, it's hard to find those...) is that the loop is defined by your start and stop commands, even if you're not exactly on the beat. When playing live, especially in a group, this makes life easier than if you need also be right on the last beat of the bar..."


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    Hey @nonchai, GTL is capable of this.

    All you need to do is turn CUE off and make sure you have a blank session (no loops). The first loop you record will start instantly and only stop when you punch out, just like a conventional loop pedal. This will also set the tempo and bar length of the session.

    Just make sure you are not connected to any apps via Ableton Link and that metronome and drummer are turned off. If a Link connection is active then GTL will automatically sync recordings to the Link time line instead.

    One more thing, you can have independent timing/tempos between separate groups. Just make sure that you have no loops in the master group, CUE is turned off, Link is off, and the drummer and metronome are off. Now when you record for the first time to a group, recording will start instantly and the new tempo will be decided by the length of the new loop.

    Hope this helps.
  • On the fly loop...
    It's usual instrumentalist argue about freedom of punch in/out but it doesn't means necessary "better". If these musician implement link in their sets all the song structure will take the benefit. Those whom didn't nail the beat could claim freedom but usually is lazyness or jazz (not meaning jazz is lazy, it means jazz is outside fixed pattern hard to link by machines if the musician doesn't want to.
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