MIDI control not working help

App receives MIDI note and displays it as assigned to control but control does not respond.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I don't know what.


  • Hi @tapst3mpo, sorry you’re having trouble with MIDI commands.

    Here are a few things to try,

    1. First make sure you are using supported midi commands.
    Sugh as:
    Note ON messages
    CC messages with a fixed value
    PC messages

    2. Make sure you have pressed the set binding button after triggering the midi command.

    3. Make sure your binding is set to “TAP” not “HOLD”. You can set this by pressing the cog icon below the “Set Binding” button.

    4. Certain bindings will not be triggered if they require you to select a loop or group first. E.g The “record” binding in the “selected loop” category won’t work unless you have selected a loop with the “select next loop” binding previously. Selected loops will have an orange boarder. This also applies for all “loop in group” bindings. You need to select the group before you can use these bindings.

    5. Finally bindings can not be triggered if the MIDI settings view is open. This is to prevent triggering events accidentally while you are configuring your setup. Close the settings drop down view before trying to trigger your bindings.

    Let me know if any of this helps.

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    Stellar :-) I didn't realize it was necessary to map a control to select the group first. I was foolishly tappin the groups trying to select them -fail-

    Anyway all is well. This is the functionality I need... no fuss MIDI control. Boom!

    Thank you for your super fast attention. Kudos on the app I like the UI very much.
  • Glad you're enjoying it!
  • Any updates on the extended midi bindings, @Jack ?
  • Still working on it when ever I can. I will have more time in a couple of weeks to focus on GTL. Will keep you all updated.
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