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Hi...two things here. Is it possible to copy a clip from group to group...not just move? And is it possible to have a cue count in kind of one bar ....that can be used to start recording somewhere the middle of a clip. e.g : group 1, track 1 is 16 bars of 4/4 long...i want to drop in on track 2 without having to wait for the whole 16 bars to go round...but still be dropped in in a quantised kind of way?

Any suggestions gratefully received.


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    Hi @jazubon,

    Yes you can copy loops from one group to another. Swipe down on the loop you would like to copy them swipe left to access the next bank of options. This is where you will find copy.

    Drop in half way through a 16 bar sequence (If that's what you mean):
    Short answer no. Long answer, yes with a bit of a work around. Before you start, create a blank 16 bar loop on loop 2. Then simply just overdub to loop 2 whenever you like. This will give you a full 16 bar loop but with audio only in the place you dropped in.

    Also you can 'CUE' in the next loop before you've finished recording the last. e.g record guitar to loop 1. Before the end of the 16 bar guitar part tap the next loop to cue in the next recording. Recording will start straight away as the guitar part starts playing back. Hopefully you can switch your instruments in time though :)
  • Hey...thanks!..that's great news. Really appreciate the swift feedback. The RC 300 is getting ever closer to EBay!
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    Thanx for this, man
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