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short cuts

Is there a list of short cuts and crafty moves to be had? I stumbled upon one today: two finger touch a loop to toggle mute! very useful. Is there a way of selecting a loop without going into record? I can do it with midi, how about a touch?


  • There I go again, panic posting! well...I just went through the tutorial and the two finger touch mute toggle was right there....
  • Haha.

    Another one is swipe up on a loop to get to volume/pan quickly.

    I will try to post a list of tips here when I get some time.
  • Thanks. Just one question. Is it possible (without midi) to select an empty loop without recording in to it?
  • No unfortunately not, it would be quite useful to be able to select a loop on screen and punch in/out with a midi foot pedal. I haven’t really thought of a good way to implement this yet although it would be handy.
  • can but dream.... Looking forward to the rumoured update. Thanks for the replies.
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