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Latest BETA - Group 1 is obscured by IAA panel when GTL is hosted inside AUM on a 9.7" iPad

Im hosting GTL inside AUM and notice that the leftmost group - group 1 is obscured or lightly covered by the IAA button panel ( the one with the AUM symbol and IAA transport icons ).

This only happens though after one has recorded something in group 2 and group 2 is active. It i at this point that group 1 is slightly obscure by the IAA panel.

If one has only recorded loops in group 1 you won't notice this.

It makes reselecting and launching group 1 loops hard because its play button is obscured by the sigma (AUM) icon.


  • Ah shoot, thanks for pointing this out.
  • Also - i've just noticed that - again - all my MIDI bindings have disappeared again.

    If its any help i was using an IK BlueBoard.
  • @nonchai, have you set the bindings after installing the new beta? I had to delete everyone’s bindings one last time for the latest beta version.
  • edited April 2018
    yes. I think so. i last updated to latest beta over a week ago as i recall

    but i'll try setting the bindings up once more and see if it happens again.
  • ab i se theres an update pending - V1.4 that i haven't updated.

    ill do that and then redo bindings.
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