Basic features for better fonctionnality

Here is a list of the features I think groop the loop would gain huge benefits if added.<br /><br />1- ableton link obviously! Or at least midi sync.<br /><br />2- a general undo button in audiobus remote<br /><br />3- visibility on loop length and count in status in audiobus remote like loopy (and looptree).<br /><br />4- more than 4 loops per groop or a way to access overdubbed layers. I mean there is enough room in the screen.<br /><br />5- a song mode, in which groups can be put in chosen sequence.<br /><br />6- more effects / iaa effects.<br /><br />7- metronome first click more obvious.<br /><br />8- a master loop group volume/pan<br /><br />9- a way to get to single loop functions, like mute and overdub in one click instead of 2. One way to do this, Could be, I guess, to separate the loop area in grayed transparent columns with label at the top or bottom of the group: mute, overdub, volume, trash.<br /><br />


  • Also, <br /><br />- a general undo/redo button (against merging)<br /><br />- and on top of it all, (I wouldn't have pushed the buy button if I knew): audiopaste or audioshare, import and export of loops and/or groups!<br /><br />
  • Figured the audioshare function for individual loops! Audio copy to general pasteboard and open in would be nice also.<br /><br />Would be great also:<br /><br />-to have multiple audiobus outputs.<br /><br />-that single loop function panel (volume, fx, overdub/mute) stay visible until asked, just like it is possible within 1 group to access all the volume/pan panels, therefore I could tweak multiple loops fx parameters at the same time.<br /><br />-
  • Hey Philippe, thanks for your post. All great suggestions and a lot of them I have already considered and plan to implement at some point.<br /><br />1. Ableton Link is well on the way and will be the main feature in the next update.<br /><br />2. AB remote undo button noted :)<br /><br />3. A clock progress button for Audiobus has been requested before as well so i'll try and do that at some point.<br /><br />4. More than 4 loops per group has been requested before. It's possible but with everything else on the list it may be awhile before we see this. I've been thinking of making this an in-app purchase as it will be a significant update. I'd like to know your thoughts on that?<br /><br />5. Song mode is a great idea and i've thought about this before. It's a biggy though so we may not see this just yet.<br /><br />6. More effects/IAA, certainly a good idea. It's a lot of work to create good sounding effects though so maybe another IAP?<br /><br />7. Do you mean more emphasis on beat 1 of metronome?<br /><br />8. Yep a master group vol/pan is possible, just a question of building the UI.<br /><br />9. GTL used to be more 'one tap' but I found that users were overdubbing by accident a lot so I put in the overdub/mute menu. If you want instant functions then the best option is to use a MIDI interface. All MIDI functions are designed to be one tap. Also you can two finger tap a loop to mute it instantly.<br /><br />Audio import. What other import options would you find useful? iTunes, Audiocopy etc?<br /><br />Cheers!<br />
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